RAF Voyager in orbit

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Published, 1 April 2015. Please take this press release in the manner in which it is intended.

An RAF Voyager has reached new heights, refuelling RAF Typhoons higher than ever before.
Previously, the fleet of A330 MRTTs was confined to operating at medium to high level,
reaching upwards of 25,000ft. Today’s flight has surpassed all previous operations and
is thought to be the highest air-to-air refuelling flight ever conducted.

Leaving Brize Norton on Wednesday morning, Voyager 03 rendezvoused with an RAF Typhoon pair
from RAF Lossiemouth. The height attained by the formation has not been disclosed, but operations reached the rarefied atmosphere and Voyager followed in the footsteps of its
older namesakes, both of which are now over 15 billion kilometres from Earth.

Live video was recorded from Voyager’s on board camera system, a short clip of which can be
seen in the video here.