Military flying

An innovative partnership between the RAF and the aerospace industry working as one team to deliver vital strategic and tactical reach to the UK Armed Forces.

Setting a benchmark for new-generation tankers

Delivering cutting-edge technology to the RAF, we provide a proven and versatile capability in support of UK global interests. Voyager is the benchmark for new-generation multi-role tankers.

The military configuration also means that Voyager is equipped and certified to fly into operational theatres, transporting UK armed forces across the globe. Whether carrying troops on operations or in support of humanitarian relief, Air Transport is a vital requirement for the MOD.

True to its flexibility and versatile design, in addition to air-to-air refuelling and air transport, Voyager can provide an Aeromedical facility providing up to 40 stretchers on board if required.


Flexibility of the fleet

To support our military flying programme, we provide the RAF with a’ core fleet’ of nine A330-200 aircraft. Eight aircraft of the core fleet are on the Military Aircraft Register (MAR). They are configured in a military fit to enable them to provide air-to-air refuelling for fast jets with the 2-point tanker (KC2) and also for larger aircraft with the 3-point tanker (KC3). The ninth aircraft in the core fleet remains on the Civilian Aircraft Register to operate the South Atlantic Air Bridge. More information on this can be found in Civil Flying.

While the remaining five aircraft form the’ non-core fleet’ and can be operated within the civil ACMI market, they may be recalled into military service at any time, if required by the MOD.