Safe Operations

AirTanker holds approvals and accreditations for its delivery of its service which underpins the safe, efficient and reliable operation of both our military and civil aircraft.

A ‘Just and Learning’ safety culture

At AirTanker, Safety is a fundamental aspect of everyone’s role both as an individual and when in managerial roles. Safety is one of our Values and we base our safety system on effective risk management with a programme of continual improvement, in particular in the areas where significant risk may exist.

Instrumental to the success of the Safety system is the commitment across the business to deliver a “Just and Learning” safety culture. Our corporate culture strongly supported by our Executive Management Team ensures there is open communication, active involvement of our employees, self-regulation in achieving required standards, compliance with procedures and open reporting of safety concerns or specific occurrences.

The focus on maintaining compliance with standards and preventing safety incidents is structured through proactive (prevention), reactive (recovery) and predictive (data analysis) measures. Our hazard management approach is based upon the BowTie methodology which analyses each identified potentially significant risk. By doing this we can identify, assess and eliminate or mitigate all significant risks associated with any hazards in our operations, activities and services.

In support of this analysis, AirTanker employs a risk management approach by maintaining a database of recorded findings and incidents, which we use to identify actual and potential future risks. By employing this methodology we are able to mitigate the effect to AirTanker, its customers, other stakeholders and the environment.

We hold UK CAA Part CAMO – the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulation that all Airlines registered in the UK must work to, in order to maintain the continued airworthiness of their aircraft; UK CAA Part 145 is the CAA regulation with which all Aircraft maintenance providers maintaining the aircraft belonging to Airlines registered in the UK must comply. As an Air Operator we also hold UK CAA Air Operations AOC –complying with safety standards and related procedures required for commercial passenger and cargo fixed-wing air transport.

In order to ensure that we do this as efficiently and effectively as possible we hold accreditation to, and manage all of the business in line with, the ISO9001 standard. In addition to the aforementioned ISO we continually review all hazards associated with our operations, activities and services in regards to the Environment by ensuring we use best practice by maintaining accreditation to the Environment Management System Standard ISO14001.