Sponsored Reservists

RAF Reserves will play a vital part in a redefined Royal Air Force. The Voyager programme offers a pioneering example of the successful integration of RAF Sponsored Reserves in support of full-time Squadrons.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder

The Sponsored Reservist (SR) role enables civilians to undertake specialist activities that might be required in an operational environment. The Voyager programme is at the vanguard of how SRs are successfully being integrated to work alongside full-time RAF regulars.

For an individual, being an SR presents an exciting opportunity to combine both a civilian and a military career. For the business, it provides greater flexibility and visibility for our operations, both military and civil. Our SRs stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the RAF, joining real deployments and providing valuable specialist support to the Voyager programme.

Recruited by AirTanker, our growing team of SRs includes both pilots and engineers. Working as civilians one day and as military personnel the next, they are able to be mobilised in support of military operations around the globe.

When not required by the RAF, our SRs return to their civilian duties as an employee of AirTanker.

Expertise deployed worldwide

Being an SR presents a unique challenge, both personally and professionally. It is not an experience offered by any standard civilian airline. Our SRs build on their civilian or military experience and apply it in a new sphere.

Our SR team includes a wealth of A330 type experience gained in civilian service and air-to-air refuelling experience from the military world.

With masses of flight hours under their belts, AirTanker Sponsored Reservist Pilots are also leading on aircraft-type training, drawing on their extensive experience in commercial airlines and in many individual cases, also with the RAF.