Experience new horizons as a Sponsored Reservist Pilot

The role of a Sponsored Reservist (SR) pilot with AirTanker presents a unique challenge both professionally and personally.

We provide a career opportunity unmatched by any standard civilian airline. As an SR you can make the most of your current experience, applying your skills and expertise in a unique role that combines the best of both the civilian and military worlds.

Life as an SR Pilot

SR pilots are employed by AirTanker and can be deployed in support of Voyager on the Military Aircraft Register (MAR). When on duty, under military tasking, you wear military uniform and operate under the military command structure and discipline. When not required for military tasks you return to your civilian role with AirTanker as a pilot operating on the Civilian Aircraft Register (CAR).

For more information about the selection process for SR pilots and what the role involves, download our information pack.