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Delivery of the final Voyager

Category: Voyager Released: 14 July 2016

AirTanker has today [13 July 2016] taken delivery of its fourteenth and final A330-200 aircraft in the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft programme.

AirTanker has today [13 July 2016] taken delivery of its fourteenth and final A330-200 aircraft in the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft programme.

The final aircraft touched down at RAF Brize Norton following its final sunny departure from the Airbus Defence and Space facility in Getafe, Spain. Known locally as FSTA14, this aircraft completes the fleet of nine core and five surge fleet aircraft delivered through the programme and will continue on the military register as ZZ343 to carry out its Air-to-Air Refuelling and Air Transport role.

Phill Blundell, CEO AirTanker Ltd, said:

“The company has come a long way since the delivery of our first aircraft and the Voyager Force has grown and developed significantly to meet the requirements of the MOD.  Thanks to our fantastic workforce, we now have 14 magnificent aircraft in the fleet to continue to meet the demands of our military and civilian customers.” 

Keith Filbey, Managing Director AirTanker Services Ltd, explains:

“We are really pleased to have taken delivery of our final aircraft and are on track to achieving full service delivery later this year. The additional capabilities now in service such as VIP transport and commercial market leasing, are testament to the flexibility and proficiency of the Voyager along with the dedication and sterling teamwork behind the programme.”

AirTanker works closely in collaboration with the RAF to deliver the Voyager capability using a pioneering mixed-manning programme that embeds RAF personnel alongside Sponsored Reservists and civilian staff to deliver a safe, reliable and efficient service to UK military forces. The past eight years have been exceptionally busy and we look forward to development of leasing operations and the continued support to RAF operations.

Group Captain Simon Edwards, Station Commander RAF Brize Norton, said:

“It is wonderful to see the last Voyager aircraft arrive at RAF Brize Norton.  Voyager has been delivering operationally for well over two years now, and is already admired as a troop carrier and air-to-air refuelling tanker.  With Voyager’s important contribution to the security of the UK skies and to operations worldwide, everyone involved should be proud of what has already been accomplished as we look to an exciting future.”

Photo: Crown Copyright

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