Helping vulnerable people during this pandemic

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Last month we heard from Darrell Collins about becoming a volunteer for the NHS Volunteer Army, an initiative which has received incredible uptake by the nation. Darrell has not yet been called upon by the NHS and, wanting to support others in his community, has also signed up to neighbourhood community app ‘Nextdoor’. Darrell tells us about how he has helped people in his local community so far.

In less than a week, over 750k people signed up to the NHS Volunteer Army to help deliver shopping and medication to those in need, transport patients and NHS equipment, or check in and chat on the phone with those who might be struggling with isolation.

Darrell signed up for Nextdoor, around the time he volunteered for the NHS Army, and has since been contacted to assist a lady in the local area.

Nextdoor works slightly differently to GoodSam (the NHS Army app which sends an alert when you are required to assist) and instead they offer your details to people who require help, and have access to the APP, to contact you directly.

Darrell was contacted by a local lady who required assistance with collecting medicine and shopping. She provided him with the list, he bought and delivered the items to her home, while adhering to social distancing, and spent some time talking to her.

Darrell Collins said “I am really pleased that I have been able to help someone during this terrible time. The lady I helped was very grateful for the shopping and medicine, but even more grateful to see a friendly face and have a conversation with me. I expect she is not alone in terms of feeling cut off from the world and it was great to make a difference to someone’s life”

Darrell is still on call for the NHS Volunteer Army and hope’s to be able to provide help to more of those who need it. He continues to be available on the ‘Nextdoor’ app and looks forward to helping more people in the local community.