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Eight Airbus Defence and Space Voyager MRTT aircraft (five three-point capable and two two-point capable tankers) are now operating from Voyager’s Oxfordshire homebase. Capable of performing air transport, aeromedical and air-to-air refuelling roles simultaneously, they deliver a step change in capability to the UK Armed Forces.

The AirTanker/Voyager RAF Brize Norton fleet also includes a ninth aircraft, retained by AirTanker on the Civil Aircraft Register. Flown by civilian pilots and exclusively available to the MOD, it forms the basis of the AirTanker’s ‘charter’ service, including a role maintaining the Falklands air-bridge.

Since the start of air transport operations in April 2012, these aircraft have together clocked more than 11,000 hours, flying more than 2,950 sectors, carrying more than 205,800 passengers and 12,500 tonnes plus of freight.”                                                               

Voyager 02, which flies on the Civilian Aircraft Register, has flown more than 4,200 hours and 680 sectors, carrying over 78,200 passengers and more than 4,900 tonnes of freight, since the start of AirTanker’s civilian airline operation at the beginning of 2013.

The Airbus Multi Role Tanker Transport sets the benchmark in strategic multi-role tanker technology. Providing a state-of-the-art air-to-air refuelling (AAR) capability, with a payload of 45 tonnes of freight and 291 seat passenger capacity, it delivers new flexibility in air mobility.