The service provided by AirTanker underpins the RAF’s strategic and tactical operation of the aircraft. We have responsibility for aircraft delivery and everything that goes into Voyager’s safe and reliable operation from crew training through to dispatch.

Operational and planning control

what-we-do-operations  Although the RAF retains full operational control of aircraft, tasking and operational planning is delivered by AirTanker in support of RAF operations through its team of RAF embedded and civilian personnel.

This covers a full spectrum of responsibilities from fleet planning to control, clearance and the planning of individual sorties, directed from our state-of-the art Flight Operations control centre at the AirTanker Hub, RAF Brize Norton.

Aircraft maintenance and dispatch

As part of its agreement with the Ministry of Defence, AirTanker assumes all responsibility for ‘wear and tear’, plus associated aircraft maintenance.

Irrespective of which aircraft register they fly on, military or civilian, all programme aircraft are maintained to civilian (European Aviation Safety Agency/Civil Aviation Authority) standards.

AirTanker Services is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Part M certified continuing airworthiness management organisation and as a Part 145 maintenance organisation. Engineering work is delivered ‘in-house’ by  a CAA Part 66 qualified engineering team that includes civilian, Sponsored Reservist and RAF engineers in AirTanker’s purpose-built hangar at RAF Brize Norton.

To ensure that the aircraft can be maintained effectively and to safeguard operational flexibility, AirTanker Sponsored Reservist engineers can be deployed alongside RAF embedded engineers if required.  


Training at AirTankerIn the delivery of the Voyager Programme AirTanker has responsibility for training RAF, Sponsored Reservist and civilian personnel in line with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements, plus military specific training.

As a training service, AirTanker provides more than 250 accredited training courses from A330-200 type ratings to air-to-air refuelling.

As a pioneering programme this training activity places squadrons, RAF embedded, Sponsored Reservist and civilian personnel, alongside each other ‘in the classroom’.