Safe Operations

A cutting-edge technology provided by AirTanker, deployed by the RAF, to deliver a new strategic capability in support of UK Defence and global interests.

Voyager delivers

Voyager brings new operational flexibility to the RAF, picking-up roles previously performed by the legendary VC10 and TriStars. Providing increased reliability and range, it gives the RAF an enhanced capability in support of troop mobility, the movement of military assets, UK air defence and humanitarian operations.

This includes a state-of-the art air-to-air refuelling capability (AAR), supporting the movement of other air assets through AAR trail and towline operations.

With a payload of 43 tonnes of freight and 291 seat passenger capacity, plus an aeromedical evacuation capability, Voyager also delivers new flexibility in air mobility to the UK Armed forces in support of military or humanitarian operations.

The Voyager fleet

The full fleet of 14 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft have all been delivered and Full Service Date was achieved on 30th September 2016.

The 14-strong fleet provided to the RAF consists of seven two-point and seven three-point capable tankers and all nine aircraft within the ‘core fleet’ are operating from Voyager’s Oxfordshire home-base at RAF Brize Norton. Capable of performing Air Transport, Aeromedical and Air-to-Air Refuelling roles simultaneously, the Voyager delivers a step change in capability to the UK Armed Forces. Click here for a breakdown of our capabilities.

The ‘Core’ fleet

The ‘Core’ fleet of 9 aircraft consists of 8 Voyager MRTT aircraft on the Military Aircraft Register (MAR) and one civilian A330 aircraft on the Civil Aircraft Register (CAR). Operated by AirTanker civilian pilots and cabin crew, this civilian A330 aircraft is exclusively available to the MOD and forms the basis of AirTanker’s ‘charter’ service in maintaining the South Atlantic Airbridge to the Falkland Islands.

The ‘None-Core’ fleet

When not required by the RAF, the ‘Non-Core’ fleet of 5 aircraft are available to AirTanker to utilise within the military and civil leasing markets. Three of these aircraft have been reconfigured to commercial use and are on the CAR, used within the Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI) market. Now that the aircraft are coming into a busier maintenance schedule due to their age, to ensure that nine aircraft are always provided to the RAF, two aircraft from the ‘non-core’ fleet are kept in their military configuration and on the MAR, to continue smooth running operations.