AirTanker is the joint venture appointed in 2008 to deliver RAF Voyager, the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) contract, a  27 year service that is delivering a step-change in the RAF’s operational capability.

Air-to-air refuelling

About air to airAirTanker has responsibility for delivering, maintaining and supporting the tasking of Voyager to provide a cutting-edge air-to-air refuelling (AAR) operational capability to the RAF.

With a fuel capacity of 111 tonnes, Voyager’s role extends from the airborne refuelling of fast jets like the Tornado GR4 and Typhoon - including supporting the Typhoon's UK aerospace defence role - to AAR of larger aircraft in facilitating the movement of UK military assets.

Air transport

about-air-transport-1Voyager provides a step-change in military air transport. A derivative of the proven Airbus A330-200, it can carry up to 291 passengers with a cargo capacity of up to 43 tonnes. Specially converted to a military configuration by AirTanker, Voyager can also carry up to eight standard NATO pallets.

AirTanker supports the RAF in troop and freight movements through the supply and conversion of aircraft. Assuming full responsibility for aircraft ‘wear and tear’, AirTanker also provides full aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul, delivered by our RAF Brize Norton-based engineering team.

In addition to its programme in support of military aircraft AirTanker operates its own civilian airline. Using the same A330-200 airframe, this is currently available for tasking in support of the UK Armed forces and by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Aeromedical evacuation

about-aero-medicalCapable of performing multiple roles at the same time, Voyager also features an aeromedical evacuation capability. This can be configured by AirTanker to include up to 40 stretchers plus associated medical equipment.