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Physical Wellbeing

AXA National Walking Month

A new way to train your body and mind (at the same time) is available with Move Mode. Whether you’re new to working out, or want more from your home fitness routine, Olympians Kim Glass and Leon Taylor will expertly train your body and mind to help you reach your goals. Sign Up today or Log in to get started!

Maintaining a good physical wellbeing is just as important in a time of crisis. 

Headspace - Meet your Move Mode Headspace trainers, workout your mind and body anywhere!

A new way to train your body and mind (at the same time) is available with Move Mode. Whether you’re new to working out, or want more from your home fitness routine, Olympians Kim Glass and Leon Taylor will expertly train your body and mind to help you reach your goals. Sign Up today or Log in to get started!

RAF Museum - Hurricane 80km Challenge

To commemorate the significant anniversary of the Battle or Britain, the RAF Museum invite and challenge you, to run, walk, swim, row or bike 80K in 80 days.

The virtual challenge starts from 21 April and you will have until 10 July (the start of the Battle of Britain) to complete it from anywhere in the world. Once completed you will receive a Hurricane 80K Challenge medal!

The entrance fee helps to support the RAF Museum.

We spoke to our Director of Civil Business and Physical Wellbeing Exec Sponsor, Tony Carder, about the positive impact that physical wellbeing can have on mental health, especially at the moment as we all get used to life under lockdown, and he encourages everyone to take some you time every day to achieve a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

How can physical wellbeing positively impact mental health?

I know that doing physical exercise, like running or a good walk, really helps with my mental wellbeing. I find it good for clearing the head and thinking time but I also feel the benefit of being out in the fresh air and doing some exercise. This has become even more important over the last few weeks following the introduction of lockdown and social distancing guidelines.

To be able to get out for one hour of exercise per day is really important if you have been indoors all day, or confined to the garden to grab some fresh air - if you are lucky enough to have one. A change of scenery, listening to the birds, or witnessing the onset of Spring, will all help you to refocus your mind. If you spend the majority of your time in front of a laptop screen, or taking phone calls, those 30-60 minutes of exercise become really valuable. I know from my own experience that getting the endorphins flowing with a bike ride or run, after a day of sitting at a desk, make a huge difference to how I feel. I am fortunate to live in a small village and I have discovered new routes for my exercise and seen some great wildlife during my evening walk.

Routine is good, its helps us to cope with the lockdown so I run every other evening and walk on the alternate days. I can honestly say that it is really helping with my mind-set and helping me cope with the limitations of life under lockdown.

Most physical exercises require very little kit or investment, and can be five minutes or five hours, any exercise is good! I know from experience that if I don’t run for a week, due to other commitments, I often feel a little lower than I would have if I had exercised.

Why is having good mental and physical health important in everyday life?

It is proven that being physically healthy improves your mental health. I think if you feel healthy and are exercising, you feel better in general, and the little things that may cause you to get stressed, may not seem like such a big issue.

The common saying healthy mind, healthy body means that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and this simple mantra is often ignored. 

We all have different life challenges and stresses and people deal with things differently. I know from personal experience, having good physical wellbeing helps me mentally, likewise if my head is in the right place I am more motivated to exercise.

What are your three top tips for staying healthy in mind and body?

  1. I would encourage you to get some exercise on a regular basis, it may feel hard but the benefits can help you to feel better for it, I certainly feel better for it. 
  2. Try and clear your head of work and life pressures, I am a great list writer, it helps me to have clarity about what needs doing, when and in what order.
  3. Finally, try something like mindfulness, the Headspace App which is available to our employees, has some really great mindfulness activities.

What are some of the activities that people can do while in lockdown, to positively impact mental and physical wellbeing?

This month is National Walking Month, during these difficult times it is more important than ever to use your one hour permitted exercise provision by enjoying the fresh air and running, walking and cycling are all great. It amazes me how creative people have been during the lockdown and with exercising, from the inspirational Captain Tom walking laps of his garden, to people running half marathons on apartment balconies or doing marathons on running machines on the patio.  Getting creative and adding variety into your activity also makes the exercise fun!

For more information about our Wellbeing Programme, please visit the Staff Welfare section on Voyager Connect or contact Alex Batten 


AXA 25 Minute HIIT Workout!


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