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Civ/SR Wellbeing

Foreword from Alex Batten, Staff Welfare Manager


As a valued member of Voyager Force we want to make sure you and your family feel fully informed of the welfare support networks that exist for your community. Knowing there are dedicated networks to support you and your family will help to create a sense of safety and security, especially in times of need.

We recognise your commitment and dedication to Voyager and understand that to be the best we can be, it’s important to look after our health and wellbeing. Therefore our priority is to ensure that these pages are packed full of welfare and wellbeing resources that are informative, reliable & fun for all the family and importantly, signpost you to the right contacts and sources of information, especially during times of emergency.

Headspace! We are excited to announce that we have signed up for another two years with Headspace! Headspace is available to all AirTanker employees, and as an added bonus, we would like to invite one of your immediate family members to subscribe as part of our ongoing commitment to you and your families wellbeing. Subscribe to Headspace

AAG Financial: AAG have put together Five Top Tips to maintain our financial wellbeing. In addition to this, we now have access to 1:1 financial wellbeing telephone consultations. AAG Financial Wellbeing

AXA Support for you and your team


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