RAF Reserves will play a vital part in a redefined Royal Air Force. RAF Voyager offers a pioneering example of the successful integration of RAF Sponsored Reserves in support of full-time Squadrons.

Standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the RAF

Careers at AirTankerThe Government White Paper ‘Reserves in the Future Force 2020’ lays down a pivotal new role for Sponsored Reservists in a new fully integrated 35,000-strong Reserve Force.

RAF Voyager is a pioneering example of the integration of RAF Reserves alongside full-time Squadrons. 
Recruited and employed by AirTanker, this includes a dedicated team of Sponsored Reservist pilots and engineers, who join ‘real’ deployments, doing very ‘real’ jobs, in support of the RAF.   

‘Agile, adaptable and capable’

SR EngineerAirTanker has recruited a highly experienced team of engineers and pilots in their own right. This includes a wealth of A330-200 type experience gained in civilian service. Shared in the workplace, that expertise is also mobile, going down-route with the aircraft as part of the Voyager Sponsored Reservist programme.

With masses of flight hours under their belts, AirTanker Sponsored Reservists pilots are also leading on aircraft-type training, drawing on their extensive experience in commercial airlines and in many individual cases, also with the RAF. 

The ultimate work life balance

Voyager sponsored reservistsAll AirTanker Sponsored Reservists go through General Service Knowledge and Basic Recruit Training, with those joining as officers progressing to Reserve Officer Introductory Training.

Working as civilians one day and military personnel the next, when on duty AirTanker Sponsored Reserves wear a military uniform and come under RAF command and are subject to military law. As an integrated part of the RAF, they can be mobilised in support of military operations around the globe.