Working on a pioneering programme in support of one of the RAF’s most technically advanced aircraft, Voyager and AirTanker, offers RAF embedded personnel a unique career opportunity. 

At the heart of the RAF

AirTanker TrainingEmployed by the RAF but ‘seconded’ to AirTanker for the length of their tour, the Voyager programme gives RAF embedded Flight Operations, engineers and logistic teams unparalleled experience.

As an RAF embedded team member you will be with us for the length of your tour, normally between two and five years depending on your role.

Working out of our purpose built and state of the art facilities on Station here at RAF Brize Norton, our RAF embedded team members work with cutting edge technologies and best practice standards in civilian aviation.

RAF engineers

Our RAF embedded engineers are selected on application to the programme by the RAF with the support of AirTanker. As an RAF embedded engineer once selected, you will start an intensive two-year programme including a mix of class room and on the job training to secure your civilian license.

This is generally either a Cat A license, normally an engineer at the beginning of their career, a B1 mechanical engineer license or a B2 electronics and avionics qualification.

On completion of the training, you join the mixed team of Sponsored Reservists and civilian members either on the line or on base maintenance programmes.

The logistics embedded team members come from a range of RAF Logistics backgrounds, from fuels to movements. Roles are diverse. One day you could be making sure that the fly away packs are correctly packed or the next, dealing with deliveries and working with the engineers in the state-of-the-art tools stores. 

Tours are typically three years, during which you will undergo training to gain your civilian qualifications in support of our Civil Aviation Authority regulated environment. 

Flight Operations 

RAF embedded Flight Operations personnel join AirTanker as part of the standard RAF posting process.  As an RAF member of the AirTanker RAF Voyager team you could find yourself in a crew scheduling roll, planning air-to-air refuelling operations or leading the team as duty operations manager.