Delivering troop, cargo and asset movements and supporting UK air defence through RAF Voyager.

Aircraft deliveries


All 14 Voyager Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft (seven three-point and seven two-point capable tankers) have been delivered and all 9 aircraft within the 'core fleet' are operating from Voyager's Oxfordshire home-base at RAF Brize Norton. Capable of performing air transport, aeromedical and air-to-air refuelling roles simultaneously, they deliver a step change in capability to the UK Armed Forces.

Full Service Date was achieved in September 2016, officially marking the completion of the 14 strong fleet. The 'Core' fleet of 9 aircraft consists of 8 Voyager aircraft on the Military Aircraft Register and one A330 aircraft retained by AirTanker on the Civil Aircraft Register.  Operated by AirTanker civilian pilots and cabin crew, this aircraft is exclusively available to the MOD and forms the basis of AirTanker’s ‘charter’ service, maintaining the South Atlantic Airbridge to the Falkland Islands.

In all, 14 aircraft will be delivered to the RAF as part of the Voyager programme with the next aircraft scheduled for delivery in early 2015. This includes the nine-aircraft core fleet as delivered and a five aircraft surge fleet capability. The service will be at full strength by Q4 2016.


RAF Voyager is the latest aircraft to be flown by Nos. 10 and 101 Squadrons. A cutting-edge technology provided by AirTanker, deployed by the RAF, the Voyager is delivering a new strategic capability to the UK Armed Forces. Providing increased reliability and range, it gives the RAF new flexibility in support of troop mobility, the movement of military assets, UK air defence and humanitarian operations. Voyager re-writes the rule book and a new chapter in the RAF’s illustrious history.

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The RAF's latest strategic transport and AAR capability.

Air-to-air refueling (AAR)


Voyager received its Release to Service (RTS) from the Ministry of Defence in 2013, completing its first air-to-air refuelling sortie with Tornado in the early summer followed by Typhoon in late summer 2013, signalling a significant stride forward for the FSTA programme. 

Voyager supports the United Kingdom's air defence from RAF Brize Norton, alongside RAF Typhoons based at RAF Conningsby and RAF Lossiemouth.


Operational progress


Since the start of air transport operations in April 2012, these aircraft have together clocked more than 75,100 hours, flying more than 16,300 sectors, carrying more than 1,400,000 passengers and in excess of 60,950 tonnes of freight.                                                                  

This has been delivered with exceptionally high rates of reliability and aircraft availability.

Statistics dated September 2017