The largest aircraft in the RAF’s inventory, Voyager brings a new level of flexibility and carrying capability to the UK Armed Forces’ world-wide operations.

As an advanced, modern wide-body airframe, Voyager is a true multi-role platform. Designed to accommodate a payload of up to 43 tonnes, it can be carried in a variety of forms from civilian LD1, LD3 and LD6 pallets, through to standard NATO military 463L pallets.

Despite operating in three roles, the cargo capacity is unobstructed by the air-to-air refuelling equipment installed on the aircraft. As an illustrative example, this flexibility allows a single RAF Voyager to deploy across the Atlantic Ocean with four Tornados and up to 5,000kg of freight and passengers. 

Roll on, roll off

Voyager holdVoyager’s capability to carry military pallets affords the RAF increased flexibility in moving equipment around the world. The NATO pallets can be offloaded from Voyager and loaded straight onto C-130 Hercules aircraft for transport to operations on the front line.

Voyager is already delivering this step-change in capability to the RAF on a daily basis through hub and spoke activity at Akrotiti, Cyprus and Minhad, UAE.