Added range, increased capacity and unrivalled reliability, RAF Voyager offers a step change in military movements reuniting troops and military personnel with their families and loved ones. 

A flexible and agile asset 

our-aircraft-seatsAs the RAF’s largest ever aircraft, Voyager is able to carry 291 passengers in a single class. While carrying passengers, Voyager maintains its ability to refuel mid-air and to carry freight, making it a truly flexible asset and delivering new operational capability to the RAF.

In addition to those on the military register flown by the RAF Voyager Squadrons, AirTanker also operates at least one aircraft on the Civilian Aircraft Register at any one time, flown by civilian pilots with passengers cared for by a civilian cabin crew.

With sole use of this aircraft, the MOD has the flexibility to adapt the flying programme to suit operational needs at short notice. With exactly the same transport capacity as the military aircraft, it also gives the MOD extra visibility in planning.

Bringing troops home

about-air-transport-1RAF Voyager gives military passengers an early taste of home. Aircraft in either military or civilian configurations feature inflight entertainment with up-to-date movies shown from screens in the bulk heads above seats. Passengers are also able to stretch out down to a generous 34inch seat pitch.

But it’s RAF Voyager’s reliability that is delivering the biggest change. The aircraft to date has delivered levels of reliability and availability in line and exceeding many of the world’s leading commercial carriers. This is earning Voyager a new reputation among the thousands of troops Voyager brings home each year.