Voyager provides an operationally critical air-to-air refuelling capability to the RAF, faster, safer, and more efficiently, than ever before.

‘Super tanker’

Voyager AAR

RAF Voyager, an Airbus Military new generation Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft, brings a transformative operational capability to the UK Armed Forces, delivering new efficiency and flexibility.

With a 111 tonne fuel capacity it has impressive range. Translated into operational capability Voyager could remain on station for five hours at a refuelling point of 930km (500nm or 580 miles) away and still have capacity to offload 60 tonnes of fuel to receiver aircraft.

That the MRTT can perform its air-to-air refuelling role simultaneously with transport tasking, is indicative of the powerful new missions and operational capability that Voyager delivers to the RAF. 

Two configurations

Voyager under wing podThere are two types of Voyager: the KC2, with two Cobham 905 under-wing pods, used for refuelling fast jets, for example the Typhoon and the Tornado GR4; and the KC3, which is also capable of carrying the Cobham Fuselage Refuelling Unit (FRU) to create a centreline refuelling capability, primarily for use in the refuelling of large aircraft.

Able to refuel two receiver aircraft from its wing pods simultaneously, Voyager gives the RAF a large capacity two-point tanking capability for the first time, with a maximum flow from each wing pod of 1,200kg/minute and 1,800kg/minute on the centreline.