Voyager: A cutting-edge technology provided by AirTanker, deployed by the RAF, to deliver a new strategic capability in support of UK global interests.   

Voyager OC

Voyager brings new operational flexibility to the RAF, picking-up roles previously performed by the legendary VC10 and TriStars. Providing increased reliability and range, it gives the RAF an enhanced capability in support of troop mobility, the movement of military assets, UK air defence and humanitarian operations.   

This includes a state-of-the art air-to-air refuelling capability (AAR), supporting the movement of other air assets through AAR trail and towline operations. 

With a payload of 43 tonnes of freight and 291 seat passenger capacity, plus an aeromedical evacuation capability, Voyager also delivers new flexibility in air mobility to the UK Armed forces in support of military or humanitarian operations.