In asking its Sponsored Reservists to go the extra mile, AirTanker is committed to supporting them with the highest levels of support in return. This sets the benchmark for our commitment to not just SRs but all of our people.

Support for Sponsored Reservists

As a Sponsored Reservist, when in uniform you will be fully immersed in a military world. UK Armed forces are world leaders in making anywhere hospitable and pride themselves in how they look after their people.

When in a civilian uniform and role AirTanker is committed to mirroring that high standard of welfare, supporting you in finding accommodation, staying in touch with the people that matter you and supporting your fitness and wellbeing.

You give us 110 per cent and we’ll ensure we look after you and, as far as we can, your family. As an AirTanker RAF Reserve you should never have to worry about any aspect of your welfare down route or at home.

A benchmark for employee welfare

The support that we deliver to our Sponsored Reservists means that we set the bar high for the welfare support and care we offer to all of our people. Operating from home for extended periods of time, Sponsored Reservists have some specific support needs but that same commitment to employee welfare extends across our business.

As a member of the AirTanker and Voyager team, we will do everything we can to support you at work and outside it.

Urgent family contact

Employee welfareIf you have an emergency at home or need to contact either AirTanker, a partner or family member who is working away from home, you should contact AirTanker Reception on 01993 873000 (normal working hours) and ask to be transferred to the Human Resources team.

This number diverts to an emergency only out of hours line for the use of family members and partners only between the hours of
5pm and 8.30am.