AirTanker is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on
the environment.


AirTanker HubAirTanker holds ISO14001, the Environmental Management System (EMS) accreditation, which means that we have identified which of our activities have the potential to impact on the environment and put in place processes that limit that impact. We are also committed to continually improve our environmental performance.


AirTanker infrastructureThe AirTanker Services Hub at RAF Brize Norton has been designed and constructed to exacting standards in environmental performance. AirTanker has delivered a modern and energy efficient building infrastructure, built on a previously contaminated site, assuming the full responsibility for the cost of clean-up.

This includes systems for the storage and recycling of rainwater and sophisticated temperature control and energy recovery.

AirTanker is also committed to minimise and recover and recycle the waste materials that it generates.


AirTanker Environment noiseThe A330-200 is one of the quietest aircraft in commercial use and far quieter than the legacy fleet and the VC-10 and TriStar which it replaces.

The noise ‘footprint’ of the aircraft (the area where noise is experienced) covers an area of 6.8 sq km, in comparison with 39 sq km for the VC10.