The journey continues for AirTanker's Apprentices

AirTanker is delighted to welcome back to the Hub its first six Aeronautical Engineering Apprentices following their initial training over the past eight months at Resource Group, Cotswold Airport.

Since the start of their apprenticeship scheme in September 2016, our apprentices have undergone an intensive training programme consisting of a mixture of classroom based learning, exams and a variety of practical phases within a workshop and hangar environment.

To celebrate the completion of their initial training, an awards ceremony took place at Resource Group on 11th April, where the apprentices delivered an engaging presentation of their journey to date. Three Apprentices were selected to receive an award, with the Academic Apprentice Aircraft Award presented to AirTanker Apprentice, James McCarthy, for his hard work and academic success throughout the course.

Delighted to be selected for the award, James said: “I was very surprised at first but after it sank in I was really happy to be rewarded for all the hard work over the past 8 months, especially as it’s been extremely challenging.”

The apprentices will continue their two-year scheme in placement at AirTanker, where they will continue their hands-on training and completion of their Aeronautical NVQ with the support of our dedicated Mentors and training development staff. 

Paul Heane, Technical Training Manager, has been behind this apprentice scheme since it started. He is delighted with the work and knowledge that all six apprentices have built up since the start of the scheme. He said:

“Our Aeronautical Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme is designed to provide our apprentices with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to develop their potential careers within the Aeronautical Engineering industry at AirTanker. All six apprentices have worked extremely hard and the feedback received from Resource Group is a great testament to the success of the scheme. I am delighted for James, being given such a worthy award and to officially welcome them all back to the Hub and watch them grow within our company. This has been a perfect example of great teamwork throughout AirTanker and the on-going success will be enhanced through continued support from the Mentors and Staff.” 

Applications are still open for our Aeronautical Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme 2017 intake. If you are interested and would like to apply, please visit our dedicated webpage for further information:

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08 May 2017