AirTanker’s first commercial aircraft enters service

AirTanker’s first ACMI leasing aircraft has entered service with Thomas Cook Airlines in support of the carrier’s operating programme.

G-VYGK took-off from Manchester Airport, the airline’s home operating base, bound for Cancun and Punta Cana at 0930 (UK local) this morning [1/5/15].

The eleventh aircraft delivered to AirTanker as part of its FSTA programme, G-VYGK’s release to Thomas Cook follows a three month in-house conversion process, to remove military modifications and to restore the airframe to its civil A330-200 type.

Tony Carder, AirTanker Services’ Director of Aircraft Leasing, said that G-VYGK’s inaugural flight for Thomas Cook Airlines represented a major milestone for AirTanker’s civil aircraft leasing business.

He said: “G-VYGK’s entry into service with Thomas Cook represents a huge step forward for AirTanker’s civil aircraft leasing business and a milestone in our journey to become one of the world’s leading ACMI leasing providers.”

Christoph Debus, Chief Airlines and Hotels Officer for Thomas Cook Group said, “Today marks another milestone in the transformation of our airline and is great news for our long haul fleet as we look ahead to a fantastic summer of new and refurbished aircraft and the start of new routes.”   

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01 May 2015