The MRTT sets the benchmark in strategic multi-role tanker technology, proven in operational deployments for the RAF as Voyager, it delivers a step-change in operational capability

A Force Multiplier

Airbus Defence & Space’s new generation Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft, delivers a transformative operational capability, bringing with it new efficiency and flexibility.

With a 111 tonne fuel capacity it has impressive range. Translated into operational capability it could remain on station for five hours at a refuelling point of 930km (500nm or 580 miles) miles away from station and still have capacity to offload 60 tonnes of fuel to receiver aircraft.

With no need to ‘role change’ between different mission types the aircraft offers a new level of military flexibility, enabling the rapid deployment of military capability for no-notice operations around the world.


AirTanker currently offers two configurations of the MRTT: the KC2, with two Cobham 905 under-wing pods, used for refuelling fast jets, for example the Typhoon and the Tornado GR4; and the KC3, which is also capable of carrying the Cobham Fuselage Refuelling Unit (FRU) to create a centreline refuelling capability, primarily for use in the refuelling of large aircraft.

Able to refuel two receiver aircraft from its wing pods simultaneously, the MRTT delivers a maximum flow from each wing pod of 1,200kg/minute and 1,800kg/minute on the centreline.

Other requirements may also be accommodated. To find out more please call +44 (0) 01993 873 000 or email

AirTanker AAR/MRTT leasing | quick reference

  • AirTanker fleet includes seven two-point and seven three-point capable tankers
  • AAR system uses NATO standard MA4 coupling to deliver fuel to receiver aircraft at aircraft at 50 psi
  • FRU pod max. fuel offload is 1,800kg/minute.
  • W/pod max. fuel offload is 1,200kg/minute.
  • Centerline and wing-pod hoses are 28m (90ft) when fully trailed