The MRTT is equipped with a state-of-the-art aeromedical evacuation capability, allowing military medical teams to provide life-saving treatment in the air.

A flexible capability

The MRTT in its AirTanker standard configuration has the capacity to take up to 40 stretchers, while it can also be reconfigured to accommodate a three-patient critical care capability.

In this 40 stretcher front cabin configuration, there are 20 seats alongside the stretchers for those caring for the patients and a further 100 seat passenger capacity in the rear cabin to support general passenger movements.

Life-saving specialist care

The critical care set-up allows medical care teams to deliver treatment unrestricted on all sides of the patient, as well as points at which to hook into the electrical systems in the bulkheads above and the relevant supports for life saving medical equipment.

When not in the full medical fit 291 seat general transport set-up, AirTanker’s MRTT fleet can also be rapidly switched to accommodate a two stretcher passenger configuration facilitating short-notice movement of injured personnel.