The shortest fuselage member of the A330 series, the A330-200 provides airlines with excellent range and cargo capacity. Married with AirTanker’s expertise in A330 and ACMI leasing, and we offer not only a proven airframe but proven service.

The A330-200: a proven airframe

With more than 500 aircraft in service with more than 70 operators, the A330-200 is established with major carriers around the world. It has also become a preferred aircraft for charter and leisure operators, as well as the growing low-cost long-haul market segment.

With Airbus commonality in cockpit and cabin systems, an increasing number of airlines that fly the single-aisle A320 family are discovering the advantages of stepping up to the wide-body A330-200 for higher-capacity, longer-range service.


The A330-200 is the shorter-fuselage variant of Airbus’ A330 twin-engine wide-body family, and has the versatility to cover all ranges from short-haul to true long-haul, with ideal sizing for point-to-point operations.

Its optimised 222-inch fuselage cross-section – which is shared with the other members of Airbus’ A330/A340 Family – accommodates 291 passengers in our standard single-class cabin configuration.

As a modern jetliner, this standard configuration also carries a full inflight entertainment system (IFE), while our aircraft can also be adapted to include the latest video-on-demand, mobile telephone and e-mail via satellite technologies to create a tailored solution that reflects the specific cabin specifications of our customers.

Freight capacity

The A330-200’s fuselage and its large-capacity underfloor cargo holds deliver additional advantages over competitor products. These can accommodate industry-standard LD3 containers in side-by-side loading, as well as 96-inch giving it significant freight capacity.

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