AirTanker: a civilian airline serving the UK Armed Forces

New levels of passenger comfort

VoyagerAlongside the service we provide to the Voyager Squadrons in support of military tasking, AirTanker holds its own Air Operators’ Certificate and runs its own civilian airline service.

Flying on the Civil Aircraft Register, this is available to the MOD as a passenger and cargo service, on a ‘charter’ basis.

Using exactly the same Voyager A330-200 airframe, less military equipment, the aircraft is flown by our own pilots and supported by AirTanker’s civilian cabin crew.

As such the aircraft is configured to a premium economy 291 seat single class cabin. Passengers, in common with those flying on a military configured Voyager, get access to new levels of comfort including a 34 inch seat pitch and in-flight entertainment system.

Depth in numbers

Civilian trainingAirTanker employed civilian pilots double as RAF Reserves. Trained alongside full-time military personnel as part of AirTanker’s pioneering training programme, they are available to the RAF where needed, to support air transport movements and if required, air-to-air refuelling sorties.

The civilian aircraft can also be moved onto the Military Aircraft Register (MAR) or between the MAR and Civil Aircraft Register as needed, as part of a flexible service agreement.

Supporting the Falkland’s air bridge

Falklands Air bridgeAirTanker assumed responsibility for maintaining the Falkland Island’s air bridge on 2nd October 2013. The route takes our civilian aircraft and crew more than 7,900 miles from RAF Brize Norton to the South Atlantic via Ascension Island.

The passenger profile of our flights includes personnel from the Resident Infantry Company (RIC) in the Falklands, military personnel based on Ascension Island Base, civilian contractors and residents. AirTanker also provides a freight service.