AirTanker’s flight operations team is based on a pioneering new model that blends best practice in military and civil aviation to ensure that RAF Voyager is operated safely, efficiently and effectively.

A unique service

The AirTanker Flight Operations team is an innovative mix of embedded RAF and civilian personnel who bring together unparalleled expertise in civilian and military aviation. This has produced a unique service that is maximising support of the RAF’s air-to-air refuelling, air transport and aeromedical evacuation capabilities.

AirTanker assumes responsibility for Voyager whenever it is on the ground at RAF Brize Norton. Teams work around the clock preparing the aircraft and crews for each flight. The RAF takes control of the aircraft once it departs, with continuing support from AirTanker down route.

Mission control

The Operations Control Centre contains two separate functions. The 24/7 operations team, unique in its construct of civilian AirTanker and embedded RAF personnel, is responsible for the launching of all Voyager flights from RAF Brize Norton and dispatchers who support pre-flight planning and calculations.

They work alongside aircrews and RAF Movements Officers, briefing flight crews and managing the loading of passengers and cargo in support of the Voyager Squadrons.

Preparation and planning

Voyager and its crews are at work 365 days a year. AirTanker is also responsible for managing the allocation of crews and aircraft to individual flights, as well as supporting the forward planning of missions, for example securing diplomatic clearances for overflying foreign nations.